The link between early learning in a daycare setting and child development

At this time of year, new Brookline parents will encounter many signs and advertisements encouraging them to register their child now for kindergarten classes or early learning programs starting this fall.

Research shows that the first five years of a child’s life are critical and set a foundation for all learning that follows. These formative years shape a child’s future health, happiness, development, growth and learning achievement at school, the community, and the family.
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Early experiences provide a strong foundation for the development of future academic skills and have a direct impact on the ability of a child to develop socially and emotionally. In the first three years of development, parents are the main influence on the child’s learning experience and development. What Brookline parents do and expose their children to have a vast and long-lasting impact on the development of the child.

At times, parents cannot do it all alone and that is when outside organizations can help support the role of the parent in these crucial and formative years. As the child grows, different Brookline daycare is available to support parents as they assist their child through these early years of development.

Involvement with early learning programs has proven to be extremely beneficial in supporting parents in helping their child develop and prepare for the years ahead. By accessing programs at early stages of development, parents can further augment the growth of their child and provide for enhanced opportunities that may not normally be available without a good daycare.

Early childhood programs support parents and their children not only in gaining skills and a base knowledge but in the transition from home to school. Entering into an early learning program or kindergarten at a specific level of development is critical to ensure the continuity of a child’s development.

Little Corner Schoolhouse Offers a full time and part time programs. Infant care, toddler, pre-school and pre-k are available to busy Brookline Parents.

Brookline Marijuana Dispensary Next To Little Children School House Is Now Open For Business

NETA Marijuana Dispensary Next To Little Children School House Daycare Is Now Open For Business

The new dispensary is located inside the old Brookline Savings bank not too far from the Boston/Brookline border.  Many of the dispensary’s customers have been lining up before the doors even open. Inside you will see there is a lounge area where new marijuana clients can review the marijuana menu. Although the prices are not listed on the menu. I believe there is a Massachusetts law where the dispensaries cannot post pricing. Marijuana clients can only hear about the marijuana prices when they are called in to the counter and presented the numerous marijuana options.

The marijuana dispensary in Brookline Massachusetts is by appointment only. No marijuana clients  cannot enter this facility without an appointment.  Once the marijuana buyer is called in to the counter. They will be presented numerous options of marijuana with different strains of THC. Although there is no set guidelines on what strains does best with patient’s diagnosis.  Many times marijuana clients experiment with different type of marijuana strains  to figure out what works for them.

According to the states tally of marijuana patients have grown dramatically.

October 2014 they were less than 2000 total active patients and 2000 certified marijuana patients.  Fast forward to January 2016 Massachusetts now have 24,000 certified patients and 19,000 active marijuana patients.

Healthy snacks bolster toddlers future school grades (Brookline Toddlers)

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  • Fruit and dairy-rich diet from age one bolsters future maths and writing skills
  • Researchers recommend wholegrains and fruit over processed foods and soft drinks
  • Parents need to model healthy eating behaviour for youngsters

PASS the carrot sticks and cheese mom—research suggests eating healthy food as a toddler can help kids do better in school tests 10 years later.

The study of more than 2200 WA children’s eating habits found eating fruit at age of one was linked to higher scores in mathematics, reading, writing and spelling in Years Seven and higher scores in mathematics and reading in Year Five.

Furthermore, dairy products such as yogurt or cheese sticks were strongly linked to academic success with children who ate more dairy when they were one, two or three having better results in all areas tested.

Kids’ intelligence can impact their entire lives, lead author and Telethon Kids Institute researcher Anett Nyaradi says.

“If a child has higher academic performance they will end up with higher education, higher income, better jobs and high socioeconomic positions, which could influence their health outcomes,” she says.

“In fact there are studies showing that children’s intelligence is associated with cardiovascular outcomes, some forms of cancers and mental health issues.”

The researchers says eating more wholegrains, vegetables, fruit and quality proteins such as chicken, fish and eggs form a better diet for youngsters who should also avoid processed meat, snack foods and soft drinks.

The research used data from the Western Australian Pregnancy Cohort (Raine) Study and linked it to Western Australian Literacy and Numeracy Assessment results.

Parents need to lead by healthy Lifestyle example

The Nutrition Specialists dietician Margaret Hays, who was not involved in the study, says improving a toddler’s diet starts with parents modelling healthy eating behavior.

Eating more dairy might mean a milk drink, cheese and crackers or yogurt or custard combined with fresh fruit, she says.

“There’s lot of ways you can get your dairy in and get your fruit in [at the same time],” she says.

“Smoothies are really good and kids love them.”

Dr Nyaradi says it is well known that the first couple of years of life is a sensitive period for brain development.

“During this time there is rapid brain growth,” she says.

“We found a [particularly high] association between the first year diet and the academic performance.

“I think that’s because, at age one, that’s when the frontal lobe starts developing, which is kind of the centre of higher cognition.”

The study controlled for the mother’s age, education and race, family structure, breastfeeding, income and whether parents read books with their children when they were five.

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What Brookline Parents Should Keep In Their Cars? by LCSH Daycare Brookline Massachusetts

What Brookline Parents Should Keep In Their Cars?

Whether you’re going on a road trip or driving within the neighborhood, some things are just bound to happen when you have kids in the car. Prepare for these instances by keeping your car stashed with the essentials. Here are the seven best items to keep in the car if you have kids:

1) Umbrellas And Hats
With the weather being very unpredictable, having a handy umbrella tucked in the car can be useful. Invest in an aerodynamically-designed one that’s also storm proof. Similarly, pack a hat or visor in the car in case the sun gets too bright while you’re out. The kids can also wear a hat to block off the light coming in through the car window.

2) Hand Sanitizer
Moms are likely to have this in their purses, but keeping a bottle in the car is also handy. Some hand sanitizers contain high amounts of alcohol, so pick one that is safe for kids to use and store it properly in the car. “Due to high alcohol content in hand sanitizer, alcohol poisoning and intoxication is possible if a large amount is absorbed by drinking, using on damaged skin or using on babies who don’t have a fully developed skin barrier. Because the alcohol concentration is high – more than hard liquor – and young kids have a low body weight, prevention of accidental or purposeful ingestion is important,” said Dr. Peggy Decker of the Mayo Clinic, according to Dayton Daily News.

3) Tissues, Wet Wipes or Toilet Paper
This will be helpful in many instances: when a kid has a runny nose, when a child spills a drink in the car or to help mom fix her lipstick before stepping out of the car. A box of tissues can also double as a squishy pillow when the child takes a nap in the car, according to Puffs.

4) Water Bottle
Keep an extra bottle of water in the car in case your child gets thirsty during the ride so you don’t have to make stop. However, make sure that the water is fresh and that the reusable bottle isn’t too hot as chemicals can leach in an unsafe, warm container,  based on a Real Simple article we found.

5) Towels/Blankets
Aside from wiping up messes, these can also double as a blanket for quick naps in the car.


6) Seat Belt Cutter And Window Breaker
Keep these in your car’s toolbox in case of emergencies. They cost less than $10 at Amazon.

7) First Aid Kit
If you have kids, a first aid kit is a necessity. Fill this with medication and tools for treating wounds, scrapes and cuts.

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Brookline Moms Are Back To Work After Having A Baby

Brookline Moms Are Back To Work After Having A Baby

There’s no such thing as loving your baby too much, however, new research finds that moms-to-be are feeling more financial pressure to return to work than parents with one child under five years old did. Let’s face it, leaving in Boston or Brookline is pretty expensive in comparison to all other towns and states. In this day and age, both parents have to be the bread winner. Although some families have are privilege enough to have one of the parent to stay home and take care of the child. Although some parents are not too keen in staying home with their child or baby and rather have a nanny childcare or daycare service for their baby or children.

new moms going back to workAlthough it is possible to take up to 12 months off on maternity leave, less than a quarter of expectant mothers plan to return to work after a year off on maternity leave (23%), while a further two in ten plan to go back after six or nine months (both 20%).

The research reveals that moms think the money they can earn is far more important than their career ambitions. Two thirds (65%) of those surveyed said their main reason for returning to work is to support family or pay the bills. Just fewer than one in five (16%) said their main reason was to maintain their careers. 

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What I packed my toddler for lunch at her daycare?

Made this for Immy’s lunch today. Hopefully she’ll eat them. #dadlife #bostondads #omeletterolls #parenting #newdads

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Bear shaped and heart shaped grilled cheese for Immy’s lunch. #dadslife #newdads #bostondads #parenting #daycarelunch

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Should I send my child to a daycare located next to a marijuana dispensary?

Should I send my child to a daycare located next to a marijuana dispensary?

Now that Marijuana is no longer the bad boy in many States of the US, parents are expressing concerns about its accessibility in marijuana dispensaries close to schools and daycare centers. In fact, such concerns are even being voiced in Canada. Concerns are that recreational marijuana is being sold in medical marijuana dispensaries, and proximity to schools can influence children to buy the weed, in whichever form. The States that have dropped marijuana from the list of narcotics have imposed age limits on sale of recreational marijuana but concerns are that such laws are not sufficient to keep youngsters away from marijuana, especially if it is available so freely now. Taking such concerns seriously, the State of Colorado imposed additional conditions on location of marijuana dispensaries. Therefore, in Colorado, no marijuana dispensary can be opened within 1000 feet of school premises. Other states have also come up with similar restrictions or are in the process of formulating them. But where does that leave daycare in Brookline? Does the word “school” cover “daycare centers” also?

New England Treatment Access Marijuana Dispensary opened its doors January 2016 but the dispensary is next to Little Children School house in Brookline Massachusetts.

In the past, parents have not expressed similar concerns about pub or liquor store, but now they want liquor stores and pubs added to the list, and they want such places far as possible from the daycare centers where they leave their young ones. While the little ones are certainly not in position to go to these dispensaries to buy the weed, and there can be no deception possible about their ages; the personnel at daycare centers may use the weed, and little ones may merely copy them. Some believe that the weed makes people violent, and fear that their children may be physically abused by the staff at the daycare centers who may take recreational marijuana or liquor. Others feel that once the effect of weed or even liquor takes over, they may ignore the needs of the toddlers or babies, and that can prove to be risky if children stray out of the premises or touch dangerous things around. A few even felt that their children may be administered marijuana to keep them quiet.

The States that have removed marijuana from the narcotics list may choose to extend the laws that stipulate minimum distance between schools and marijuana dispensaries to daycare centers as well, but that still leaves liquor shops and pubs out of equation. So would new laws be passed on proximity of liquor shops and pubs to daycare centers? There is no easy solution to this problem, of course. Screening of personnel can only guarantee that the staff member was free from any such addiction at the time of joining the daycare center. Periodic screening of personnel working at the daycare centers may perhaps be a better way out, but it is going to cost! The questions that arise then are who will conduct those tests, and who is to bear the costs? The government or the daycare centers? The daycare centers would, of course pass the costs down to parents. Is daycare in Brooklyn going to become more expensive than it already is? Will the parents of children be penalized for not wanting their children to become addicts? These are questions that need answers.

While rules are being formulated and imposed on dispensary owners and property owners who lease their premises to marijuana dispensaries, the fact remains that any adult can buy marijuana and travel up to the school or daycare center to sell the weed to students, teachers, or other personnel. In fact a conduit may also be established whereby such personnel may let students access the weed or liquor. The concerns are real, but perhaps the projections are dramatic.

A review of daycare centers with liquor shops near them needs to be done, as of yesterday. That could shed some light on how such shops affect children, whether or not they are school children. Such study will also give an idea whether marijuana dispensaries will have similar effect.

Don’t worry about your wife’s post baby body

Don’t worry about your wife’s post baby body

Alright, Newsflash! You’re wife’s body is no longer the same after having your baby. Your wife spent nine months cooking that beautiful baby inside her belly and making sure it comes out healthy. Making sure she is taking your prenatal vitamins, healthy foods (ice cream included) and maybe reading all the baby book at the bookstore. Husbands don’t have to worry too much about their bodies during pregnancy. You know why? Yes you are correct. It’s because we are not carrying the baby our wife is. Although I gained weight about some poundage when my wife was pregnant. I have to be honest watching my wife through her pregnancy make me love her more. The amount of precaution she took while pregnant is amazing and pretty discipline. Pregnancy is does a lot weird thing to woman’s body and the hormone are train wrecked too.

What to expect when the baby is out?

Post baby boobs – they are now fuller and voluptuous and very nice to look at for dads. Although they are awesome to look, those puppies were more for my beautiful baby. I love the fact my wife opted for breastfeeding out baby. For economic sense, we SAVE a lot! After checking out how much formulas are in the market. My goodness my frugal ass almost passed out.

Post baby belly – First time I noticed my wife C section scar and her post baby belly. I was far more in-love with her. I was like those are her battle scars for giving me an amazing and beautiful baby. Whenever she feels self-conscious about her body. I always remind her that I love her before, now and in the future. I like to tell her to give herself a break. She just had a baby and her old body will come back in no time.

Now that our baby is a toddler our gym routine and regiment is starting to get back to normal. And my wife’s body is almost back to her pre-baby body.

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What Brookline New Dads Need To Keep In Their Car?

What New Dads Need To Keep In Their Car?

Alright, congrats on your new adventure to fatherhood and parenthood. I remember when we were at the hospital they couldn’t wait to get us out of the hospital to open up more beds. Although I love being at the hospital just because we were taken care of, my baby is taken care of, and I got a lot of my baby or infant care education at the hospital. As soon as I shut my car door and drove away and headed home. That’s when it hit us. Shit! We have a baby. Shit! We are now parents. Trust me, whether you like it or not, you will be in the zombie phase for at least three months.

Because you will be on zombie phase there are times you will forget some of you babay stuff. So its best to keep some baby accessories in your car.

Keep a emergency baby kit in your car. I grabbed one of my wife lulu lemon shopping bag and filled with the following.

  • Wipes – keep them in a nice sealed bag (ziplock bag)
  • Diapers – keep several diapers in the car (remember to change the diaper whenever you guys change in size)
  • Bum cream – just in case there is redness on the bum area
  • Extra pair of clothes – you will need this because sometimes there is explosions or leakage. (trust me, it will happen)
  • Blanket – always keep an extra blanket (you can use as changing pad or to keep the baby warm)
  • Snacks – my go to is the pouches by plum or some other organic brand.

Keep this in your car and use it whenever you need it.
Baby wipes in a ziplock bag

bum bum cream
bum cream
Plum Pouch Snacks
baby blanket

Back to Basics Preschool Daycare in Medway voluntarily evacuated due to Co2 leak detected

Back to Basics Preschool Daycare in Medway voluntarily evacuated due to Co2 leak detected

In the morning of January 11, 2016, an off duty firefighter was dropping off his two daughters to back to basic daycare in Medway Massachusetts. According to the Back to Basic Director, she allows them to hang out at the daycare until their school bus arrives. The bus stops in front of Back to Basic front door.  While inside, the off duty firefighter noticed or smelled sulfur inside the building. As a firefighter, He asked everyone to evacuate the daycare as a precaution. He called the fire department to check the smell. The CO2 alarm detected and sounded its alarm right after the off duty firefighter asked the daycare to be evacuated.  According to Back To Basics Preschool Daycare, they practice their fire drills and evacuation drills all the time and would’ve evacuated the daycare as soon as the alarm went off.  All children and staff were safe and the daycare was scheduled to return to their normal hours the following day.

“We are very proud of the reaction of the back to basic staff and able to evacuate the building as requested” – daycare parent

According to the Medway fire department “The fire department’s meters go off at about 15 to 20 ppm, but most home alarms don’t until levels reach “a couple hundred parts per million,”. That is the reason the off duty firefighter detected the smell first before the alarm has gone off. But the alarms in the building were functioning as programmed by manufacturer.

The incident happened early in the morning and many children at the daycare were running late that day. The daycare only had four children present at the time of the evacuation.

back to basic preschool daycare, best daycare in medway

“I am so glad their fire drill and evacuation drills finally paid off at my son’s daycare” – daycare parent

The back to basic preschool daycare response was swift and was able to find the source of the CO2 leak and fixed the problem that morning. Back to basic daycare is now open and resumed their daily schedule.

Back to Basics Pre-school and daycare in Medway

“We love Back to Basics and Wendy! We know she would’ve done what is necessary to protect our children” – daycare parent

Back to Basic Preschool and Daycare

14 School Street

Medway, Massachusetts

tel: (508) 533-1290