Little Corner SchoolHouse (LCSH) Daycare In Brookline

As a new parent in Boston. We’ve been researching a  daycare in our area. We The first daycare we visited was in Brookline. The place is called Little Corner SchoolHouse (LCSH) in Brookline Massachusetts. The daycare has three convenient location in Brookline. We visited 110 Harvard Street and their 396 Washington Street location. We loved both locations and the teachers and staff are all friendly and very professional. The students on both school seem to enjoy everyone’s company. Before making our decision, we would like to look at two or three more daycare in Brookline and Boston .

Little Corner SchoolHouse (LCSH) In Brookline Massachusetts

110 Harvard Street Brookline, MA 02446

396 Washington Street Brookline, MA 02446

You can call them at 617-244-1877 to schedule a tour of all their locations.