Little Corner SchoolHouse Needham Open House & 1st Birthday Celebration

Little Corner SchoolHouse Needham Open House & 1st Birthday Celebration

Little Corner SchoolHouse Needham

Celebrating Our 1st Birthday!

Sunday, November 12th, 1-3 pm

430 Hunnewell Street, Needham

Come Celebrate Our 1ST Year at Little Corner SchoolHouse Needham!

Donate a NEW children’s book for “The Home for Little Wanderers.”

Everyone who donates a book will get a cupcake!

Surprise ice cream truck is stopping by!

Call 781.444.5274 for more info.

Putterham Grille & Catering Thanksgiving Catering Menu in Newton Highlands

Putterham Grille & Catering Thanksgiving Catering Menu in Boston

Menu Option # 1

2 Appetizers
2 Sides
Entrée of Turkey or Pork
Cranberry Orange Sauce
$27.99 Per Person (Each Additional Appetizer- $4.00 Per Person,
Each Additional Side- $5.50 Per Person)

Menu Option #2

2 Appetizers
2 Sides
Entrée of Lamb
Cranberry Orange Sauce
$38.99 Per Person   (Each Additional Appetizer- $4.00 Per Person,
Each Additional Side- $5.50 Per Person)


Mini Spinach Pies (4 pieces)
Stuffed Mushrooms (6 pieces)
Arancinis (5 pieces)


Garlic Parmesan/Sweet Chili Green Beans
Brown Butter Carrots
Roasted Butternut Squash
Mushroom/Butternut Squash Risotto
Creamy Garlic & Chive Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Potatoes
Honey & Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes
Sausage, Sage & Apple Stuffing
Cornbread Stuffing w/ Sweet Peppers, Onions & Celery

Little Corner SchoolHouse Childcare Center Needham Open House

Little Corner SchoolHouse  Childcare Center Needham Open House

Come Celebrate Our 1ST Year at Little Corner SchoolHouse Needham!

Donate a NEW children’s book for “The Home for Little Wanderers.” Everyone who donates a book will get a cupcake.
(Surprise ice cream truck will be there)
Call 781.444.5274 for more info.

When: Sunday, November 12, 2017
Time:1 -3 PM
Little Corner SchoolHouse Needham
430 Hunnewell Street, Needham, MA 02494

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Awesome Benefits Of Brookline Childcare For Children and Parents

Awesome Benefits Of Brookline Daycare For Children and Parents

There are numerous things I stress over with regards to childcare. Amid my maternity leave, I couldn’t make sense of who might deal with my girl on the off chance that she didn’t get into the one place we’d connected to while I was pregnant. (She didn’t.) Then, we found an engaging option — otherwise known as a childcare with a spot — and I was worried about leaving my infant some place that didn’t have a shortlist. What’s more, a great deal more than that, I was panicked about leaving a 12-week-old some place by any stretch of the imagination.

The partisan division from any individual who needed to improve me feel about sending a newborn child to childcare (generally from individuals who have sitters or don’t work outside the house) was to state how fortunate we’d be the point at which she begins school. “You won’t get any of those germs from kindergarten!” a few of them said. We did, in any case, get each conceivable wheeze, hacking hack, stomach infection…

Inexplicably, however, that was just the principal 18 months. My daughter has quite recently turned two (today, actually), and has been heading off to that same no-shortlist “school” from that point forward. Furthermore, in spite of her being upbeat, learning, thriving…and bringing home no under fifteen hand turkey ventures at Thanksgiving, despite everything I have freeze minutes. When we go to an “open play” session on a Sunday morning and she goes all “Mine! No!” insane over a fake plastic container of ketchup, and I think, Omygod, that learn about how kids who go to childcare turn out to be more forceful further down the road — it’s absolutely valid. Or, then again I accuse the childcare suppliers in my mind; they should not fortify great sharing aptitudes.

More regrettable than that are the days when drop-off abruptly turns hard. We have these extraordinary runs where I abandon her at school in the morning and it’s totally show free. At that point, bam. Hysterics. It doesn’t make a difference the amount I can clarify it away. Division tension travels every which way, beyond any doubt. Some of the time Mondays are harder. Be that as it may, those are the days when I begin computing whether my family could remain above water on the off chance that I didn’t have an occupation and remained home (nope) or on the off chance that we ought to reexamine the entire caretaker thing and discover one very gave individual to deal with the child.

Thus, in light of all that stressing, any news about the advantages of utilizing childcare makes me feel warm and fluffy. Furthermore, this week, an article composed by Meera Lee Sethi for the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkley raised a radical new contention in support. Sethi expounded on humanist Mario Small, who has found that “moms utilizing childcare procure social, mental, and even money related prizes.”

Companionships, Small has found, frame amongst moms and different guardians who go to childcare with their children. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. This one is for you, Sophie’s mother. I met you at another mother’s gathering. You enlightened me concerning our school without the shortlist, you’re still in my life. You as well, Vivian’s mom. There was that day in the late spring when we went to the recreation center with the young ladies after pickup. It might not have been beverages after work, similar to it would have been in pre-kid days, yet that tiny bit of mingling — y’know, the 15 minutes when we got the opportunity to visit while they were on their swings — that was precisely what I required.

The truly extraordinary part about Small’s exploration, notwithstanding, is that the general population who advantage most from sending their children to childcare are low-wage moms. It’s not just meeting guardians who are in a comparable situation that makes a difference. The upside — which incorporates diminished danger of gloom and better monetary status — originates from their binds to the childcare establishment itself. As Sethi reports:

By connecting to childcare focuses that were themselves associated with different not-for-profits and government associations, moms viably increased the span of their bolster systems with no exertion required on their part.

A couple days prior, I sent an email to the executive of our childcare — a rundown of grievances: “You approached us for a moment sippy glass and said this is on the grounds that Zadie needn’t bother with a container any longer. This suggested you were all the while giving her a container, which she SHOULD NOT get. Despite the fact that you told my significant other you are not giving her a container, I need to ensure every one of the instructors realize that she doesn’t drink a jug amid the day. Additionally, yes, I will bring a green sippy container.” That kind of thing.

Be that as it may, the sippy glass address came that week that one of the instructors alluded to my daughter as “he” in the every day advance book… Don’t they know those three sentences in our beat up scratch pad are my exclusive life saver to what Zadie does throughout the day? Furthermore, they are simply replicating a similar data starting with one tyke’s book then onto the next? Or, then again more terrible — is there an instructor there who doesn’t know what sex she is? Those inquiries = freeze minute.

There was no prompt reaction to my note. Around 24 hours after the fact, the chief composed back to state she could address me at drop-off the following morning.

We got the opportunity to class at a couple of minutes past 9. I removed Zadie’s coat and hung it on the little snares at child tallness, then strolled upstairs to the classroom, holding her on my hip. It resembled all would all go easily, however I additionally know how rapidly things can turn. We got to the entryway and I indicated her star with her name on it stuck there with the various child’s stars – “Look, yours is yellow!” I said with my glad voice that implies kindly don’t begin crying. Furthermore, I opened it up to see twelve little babies bouncing undetermined in a state of harmony.

“Hello there Zadie! You’re in the nick of time for Circle Time!” one of the educators said. I put down my child, and she bounced over to go along with them. What’s more, I understood they were ribbitting. Like froggies.

She didn’t cry. I don’t think she even glanced back at me that morning.

I pivoted with a doltish grin all over however. As I was making a beeline for the entryway, the childcare executive came in. We visited about my note. She clarified everything, as well as can be expected. I gestured a considerable measure. I truly expected to get the chance to work. None of it mattered much at any rate. Not in the wake of seeing the frogs bouncing. I truly need to enlighten alternate mothers concerning that.



Little Corner SchoolHouse Daycare (LCSH) was founded in 1989 as a co-educational early childcare facility, servicing the needs of parents and their children from ages 8 weeks through 6 years. Our programs include Infant, Toddler, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K).

At LCSH, we recognize the needs of each individual child and work hand-in-hand with parents to provide a safe, loving, and learning environment. Our child-centered setting promotes growth in all areas of development – social, emotional, cognitive and physical.

Our developmentally appropriate curriculum builds a child’s self-esteem, as we encourage self-help skills and natural curiosity to explore and experiment. We foster respect and teach our children to appreciate the cultural diversity in our school. We celebrate customs and rituals that link the diverse cultures of our families.

At LCSH, we understand that the most effective teachers are those who cherish children. Teachers provide the cornerstone of our LCSH community, upon which is built a caring environment for our students that reflects a sincere commitment to and respect for children above all.


For Missouri parents who make just enough to lose child care subsidy, bill holds hope

For Missouri parents who make just enough to lose childcare subsidy, bill holds hope

When she earned her bachelor’s degree, Meghan Roetto moved her two young daughters from the nice house they shared to a cramped apartment in a neighborhood that wasn’t as safe.

It wasn’t the life she’d imagined her degree earning her.

The problem was that when she graduated, Roetto took a higher-paying job and promptly lost the state child care subsidies she depended on to pay for day care so she could go to work.

Roetto was making slightly too much to qualify. Her new salary wasn’t enough to make up for what she had lost in state support, so she was forced to move her family to keep working.

“I worked so hard for that bachelor’s degree,” Roetto said. “I felt punished for getting a degree and doing better, and I felt so frustrated by that.”

It’s a problem lawmakers have contemplated for years: a system that punishes working mothers who get even a modest pay bump by cutting them off from state child care assistance.






We are a premier early childhood education and care center where children can flourish in a safe and loving environment as they develop to their full capacity. Our primary goal is to provide an opportunity for each child to explore, to gain self-confidence, and to develop a lifelong love of learning. Our teachers work as a team and with our children’s caregivers to ensure that each child has access to excellent care and experiences that add value to the time they spend in our care.

Searching for an EEC certified and experienced Pre-K teacher for part time or full time position in BROOKLINE MA. We are a  private early education childcare center.


  • Must have years of experience as well as outgoing, warm personality.
  • Salary is exceptionale
  • Exceptional benefits

The teacher who joins our staff must not only have the credentials and character that contribute to quality care of children, but must also be an outstanding communicator and relationship-builder with parents. We value our teachers and recognize the positive and extraordinary differences they can make in the lives of children and families.

Please send resume to or call us at 617-244-1877

Little Corner SchoolHouse Needham Open House February 26, 2017

Little Corner SchoolHouse Needham Open House February 26, 2017

We are happy to announce that we are having our Open House at our Needham Massachusetts location at 430 Hunnewell Street, Needham MA 02494 starting at 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.  Stop by and get to know our amazing teachers and staff. Tour the school and ask any questions you might have about our programs.

Available Programs: Infant, Toddler, Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten

Pre-k advocates seeking funding increase in Alabama


Pre-k advocates seeking funding increase in Alabama

Increased state funding for pre-k programs has allowed Slocomb Elementary School to offer a pre-k classroom for the past two years, allowing local four-year-olds to get a better start on their education. Early childhood education advocates are pushing for increased funding next year, which will allow the program to reach more students.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to prepare children for kindergarten,” Slocomb Elementary School Principal Barbara Greathouse said.

Do you need infant care in Brookline Massachusetts?
Do you need infant care in Brookline Massachusetts?

Allison Muhlendorf, executive director of the Alabama School Readiness Alliance, said her organization’s Pre-K Task Force is recommending increasing the budget for state-funded pre-k programs by $20 million.

Alabama has one of the best-regarded pre-K programs in the country, but it only provides services for about a fifth of eligible four-year-olds. The program is delivered through public schools, private day cares and religiously-affiliated organizations. The Alabama School Readiness Alliance has advocated for increases for the past few years and has gotten them. The organization has a 10-year plan to gradually increase funding until all eligible students are covered.

State Rep. Donnie Chesteen visited Slocomb Elementary School on Monday and said he supports increasing funding for pre-K. Chesteen said funding for education this year is likely to be better than it has been in several years and that the Legislature is looking at adding $50 million to the education budget, hiring about 475 new teachers and giving a 4 percent raise to educators making less than $75,000 and a 2 percent raise to those making more than $75,000.

“I can’t think of a better investment than continuing to increase funding for first class pre-k,” he said.

Slocomb’s current pre-k classroom accommodates 18 students. The class fills up quickly and additional funding could allow the school to open another.

Pre-k classrooms are taught by a highly qualified teacher and aide. Sarah Jones is the teacher at Slocomb Elementary.

Jones said the pre-k program helps acclimate students to school, giving them the social and academic skills they need to prosper.

“A lot of them haven’t been around other kids, they’ve been at home or with grandma,” she said.

Jones said the program has a real impact on students’ performance once they reach kindergarten. Research appears to support this claim.

Figures from the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education, Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama and other organizations show that Alabama First Class Pre-K alums consistently do well in kindergarten and outperform their peers in reading and math and are less likely to repeat a grade.

Mother attributes change in diet to ‘saving’ toddler posted by Ottawa Sun

Michelle Vodrazka

Mother attributes change in diet to ‘saving’ toddler posted by Ottawa Sun

As a fitness model, athlete and Canadian figure competitor, the svelte and muscled Michelle Vodrazka considered herself a healthy eater.

“I had been working in fitness since I was 18,” says the Orléans mother of four. “We ate in the way that we thought was healthy: low fat and low calories.”

She’d feed her family snack foods such as low-fat yogurt and dinners such as pasta with tomato sauce.

“Now, I think of foods like that as just so much wasted real estate,” she says.

The change came three years ago when her youngest daughter got sick.

“Shortly after her first birthday, the connection we had with Noelle started to disappear,” says Vodrazka. “She smiled less, her laughter became infrequent, her eye contact diminished and she slowly lost her newly acquired words. We became helpless bystanders as we watched the light in her eyes disappear.”

Little Noelle started dragging her right leg behind her and began losing her balance. “Then her left arm started hanging at her side almost uselessly,” Vodrazka recalls.

“It was absolutely terrifying. I knew in my gut that something had gone wrong, but I knew that she was still in there.”

While they waited frantically for a diagnosis and medical help, Vodrazka says she “went on Google for about five hours a night” looking at alternative and conventional medical advice and possible treatments.

“I found a lot of advice about changing kids’ diets. Research didn’t seem to support that, but I thought. ‘What have we got to lose?’ ”

Vodrazka cleaned out her kitchen cabinets and changed Noelle’s diet drastically, cutting out gluten, dairy and sugar. She also started packing as many as nutrients as possible into the whole family’s diet, cutting out empty calories and loading up on greens, fruits, vegetables, roast chicken, salmon and so-called “superfoods” such as avocados, raw cocoa, goji berries and camu camu powder.

“Within 10 days I swear that I caught her eye for a few seconds,” recalls Vodrazka.

After 18 months — which also included speech and occupational therapy and supplements suggested by a doctor — Noelle was back, says her mother.

“All of those symptoms disappeared. She was happy to cuddle and kiss. I think a lot of it was the food. We were feeding her brain so it could work properly. Who knows how many nutrients we don’t even know about are missing in processed foods.”

Vodrazka is quick to admit that no one knows for certain what was wrong with Noelle and that she’s not saying that what worked for her would work for anyone else.

But she is so convinced of the value of a nutrient-dense diet that she has now taken several diploma courses, counsels patients in her off hours and has just come out with a cookbook because she wants to reach more people than she can through one-on-one counseling.

“When I look back now at what I thought was a pretty healthy diet, I cringe. Noelle’s battle compelled me to start feeding my family better and to take ownership of my own health. I used to have gut issues and skin issues. I feel better now. I used to get hypoglycemic, I’d have crashes. Now I feel the same at 2 or 3 p.m. as I do at 9 a.m.”

And the woman who admits she never really enjoyed cooking now revels in her time in the kitchen.

“Cooking is meditative for me now. I love knowing that I’m making healthy things for my family. It’s not about counting calories, it’s about counting nutrients.”

Michelle Vodrazka’s top 14 health-changing habits

Choose only one change at a time, advises Vodrazka. “Pick something easy — almost too easy. Keep it up for two weeks. Be patient and don’t expect perfection.”

  1. Start your day with a healthy smoothie.
  2. Eat three servings of vegetables a day.
  3. Try a new healthy recipe every day.
  4. Eat a serving of protein at every meal.
  5. Record what you eat in a food diary.
  6. Eat a large salad for lunch.
  7. Go to bed at 10 p.m. each night.
  8. Be active for 30 minutes a day.
  9. Eat sitting down without distractions.
  10. Eat only until you are 80 per cent full.
  11. Make your dinners from scratch.
  12. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.
  13. Walk for 15 minutes each day.
  14. Bring your lunch to work.

Help Yourself to Seconds

What: A new book with tips for healthy living and more than 120 recipes, by Michelle Vodrazka of Orléans.

When: Released last week.

How much:
About $30.

Where: and

Meet Michelle: Michelle Vodrazka will be signing copies of Help Yourself to Seconds at Chapters in Gloucester Centre on Friday, March 18, and Saturday, March 19, from noon to 4 p.m. each day.

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