5 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction In Rhode Island

5 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction In Rhode Island

It’s a term that worries a number of men. Erectile Dysfunction in Rhode Island is more common than you might think. For the uninitiated, erectile dysfunction is nothing but the inability to attain or keep up a firm erection during sexual intercourse. While occasional erectile dysfunction is actually quite common due to stress and psychological factors, if you are suffering from frequent ED, it is a matter of concern and needs medical attention. Generally, if you have trouble getting an erection or feel a reduced interest in sex, it may be a sign of erectile dysfunction. There are a number of things you need to know about Erectile Dysfunction. But the most important thing to be aware of is what causes it. Today, we give you 5 common causes of erectile dysfunction that men should be aware of.


Hypertension is the medical condition in which the blood pressure in arteries is persistently elevated. Such high blood pressure can lead to erectile dysfunction. It is often caused by unhealthy lifestyle and bad food habits. Eating healthy food and exercising regularly can help keep hypertension at bay and therefore, avoid erectile dysfunction

Cardiovascular diseases

Diseases associated with the heart or blood vessels are called cardiovascular diseases. Stroke, heart failure, heart arrhythmia are cardiovascular diseases and they may result in erectile dysfunction. Cardiovascular diseases are caused by several factors including high blood cholesterol, diabetes and other such conditions. The best way to avoid such diseases is healthy lifestyle choices and exercise.

Alcohol Use

Excessive consumption of alcohol is one of the most common causes that lead to erectile dysfunction. Alcohol is a depressant and long term alcohol consumption leads to conditions like hypertension. It affects the blood vessels which play a major role in erections during sexual encounters.

Smoking and Drug Use

Drugs affect your nervous system and some even block your testosterone causing erectile dysfunctions. Smoking affects your blood vessels and results in blockage of arterial blood supply to the penis thus leading to erectile dysfunction. Saying no to drugs and smoking is indirectly saying yes to sex.

Old Age

And then there is old age. It has been observed that erectile dysfunction is common among men older than 50 years of age. However, regardless of age, erectile dysfunction can be treated.

Most of these causes can be avoided by taking good care of your health. However, if you do end up facing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, you should consult a doctor and get yourself treated to enjoy a happy and fulfilling sexual life.